HBCU Coloring Book
HBCU Coloring Book

Alma Mater - HBCU Coloring Book

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There’s nothing like the memories we make in college, and nowhere is that truer than at an HBCU. Historically Black colleges and Universities are an important part of history and we can appreciate the legacy of schools such as WSSU, Morehouse, Spelman, NC A&T, Howard, FAMU, Hampton and more! Whether you’re looking back on your time at your illustrious Alma Mater , or just beginning a new chapter of your life, this coloring book is the perfect way to enjoy the relaxation of coloring and the bonding of a shared hobby with your friends. Join your fellow alumnae on a stroll down memory lane while celebrating the diversity, culture and everything amazing about your college experience. Included in this book, you’ll find beautiful illustrations of women ranging from Sorority life and the Royal Court to STEM and science labs. It even includes activities that test your HBCU knowledge and as added entertainment, marching band instruments are hidden on one of the pages, waiting to be found. Buy it as a gift for that special grad in your life, or for yourself as a great way to unwind. .

  • Premium gloss finish cover design
  • Printed single sided on bright white paper
  • Large format 8.5" x 11.0" pages
  • Moderate to complex in detail