About Us - Black Woman Owned Coloring Book Company


Entrepreneurs Color Too® is a Black Woman Owned Coloring Book Company promoting self care and stress relief while providing positive representation for women of all ages.

Our current books included in our series are 24 Shades of Business, 80's Ladies, Alma Mater, Holiday Slay, Me and My, Exhale and Exhale Again Coloring Book

24 Shades of Business was our first Amazon Best Seller! It is also the FIRST Adult Coloring book to highlight the beauty of black and brown women and celebrate those women as being successful entrepreneurs. Since launching in May of 2018 the book has been featured in Black Enterprise, Curly Nikki and Madame Noire. This book is for all of us business creatives, CEO's and future CEO's because we should all feel inspired.

Filled with 24 inspiring illustrations, this book is the perfect way to de-stress, relax, and get motivated.

High quality printed paperback.

Size: 8.5 X 11"

Illustrations include: 
1.    Corporate CEO 
2.    Beautician 
3.    Yoga Instructor
4.    Author 
5.    To-Do-List
6.    Make up Artist
7.    Photographer
8.    Real Estate Agent
9.    Boutique Owner
10.  Maze
11.  Investor
12.  Blogger
13.  Entertainer
14.  Therapist
15.  Crossword
16.  Wedding Planner
17.  Day Care Owner
18.  Lawyer
19.  Veterinarian
20.  Word Search
21.  Church
22.  Bank
23.  Jet, Luxury Car
24.  Yacht

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80's Ladies

If you were born in the 80's and grew up in the 90's or just simply LOVE the 80's then you'll love this book! These illustrations will bring you back to a time when hip hop and pop culture where in full effect. From jean jackets to jelly shoes and boomboxes you'll be sure to remember the time! Also, since October is breast cancer awareness month, as an added treasure, a tiny ribbon is hidden on one of the pages, waiting to be found, with instructions on what to do once it's found. Get your crayons and colored pencils and let's go retro!


Alma Mater
Alma Mater is a one of a kind coloring book for women of all ages but it's perfect for Black College Alumni, Students and future graduates. Each of it's 24 illustrations will greet you with the Black College Experience ranging from education to the diversity and culture. Grab your crayons and colored pencils and let your creativity soar!
HBCU coloring Book
Holiday Slay
Holiday Slay is a Christmas Coloring Book which features images of beautiful, classy and stylish women who are celebrating and leisurely enjoying this wonderful holiday season. Along the way you'll meet an African American Santa and Mrs. Claus on their sleigh full of Christmas gifts. You’ll also discover the reason for the season, delicate flurries and snowflakes, Christmas trees, snowmen, reindeer, a snowglobe, mandalas and more. As you grab your crayons and colored pencils get creative while bringing these amazingly innovative adult coloring book pages to life. This holiday season add a little color and diversity to your Christmas while you unwind, relax and relieve stress.