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Not your traditional Coloring Book App! The First Ever Color-by-Numbers Pixel Game Celebrating Women, Culture & Diversity! Hours of stress relief at your fingertips! Relax. Color. Focus & Enjoy!

Colorists, puzzle fans, and challenge seekers, you will love this color-by-number book that is unlike anything you've ever seen before. Created from Entrepreneurs Color Too, Adult Coloring Book Series Collection! Join over millions of people in a relaxing experience and get ready to become a lover of coloring tiny pixel art. Level up, Paint like Picasso and Collect your Coins with our fun categories ranging from Basic to expert levels. Created for adults but kid friendly art!

What customers are saying

"Man I LOVE US FOR REAL! This app even has an HBCU category!! This app definitely celebrates the culture! I love it!" - Kaelani J

As a man of color who battles depression and anxiety, I can without a doubt say this app is definitely in my top 10 most used apps. To have such positive and striking images of black women is an invaluable contribution to black culture and spirit. I look forward to new developments with this app! Thank you!!! -BennyHonda85

"Absolutely love the app, I get so lost into it taking up most of my leisure time" -Babymajor89

"A new coping skill that I can use and share with others." -Crystyle82

"I love the option to take your own picture to color!" -Francene Rose


It’s easy! Just use two fingers to zoom a picture until cells with numbers appear. Choose colors in the palette and color cells with matching numbers pixel by pixel. Start at the basic level and collect your coins to unlock expert levels in all other categories. Run out of coins? No worries! RE-up in our store and get back to enjoying!


- 100+ amazing pictures to paint: 80’s & 90’s art, sorority & black college inspiration, business and entrepreneurship, animals, and more.

 - Pixel Art Camera. Take selfies or use any photos to color your own pixelated images!

 - Various coloring tools. Use Magic Wand to paint multiple neighboring cells of the same number and Color Splash to color multiple neighboring cells of any numbers;

 - Quick sharing. Share your art with friends on social networks or email in just one tap

 - Easy coloring. Enjoy intuitive design and smooth performance of Pixel Art.

 - Works offline! No wifi needed!