6 Creative Things To Do When Stuck Inside

6 Creative Things To Do When Stuck Inside

Latoya Nicole 6 Creative Things To Do Inside

Many are stuck at home these days due to the quarantine. Some of us have children at home with us due to schools being closed, some of us have to work from home, while others are simply there because it is being recommended by the government.

Whatever the reason, you’re suddenly spending a lot more time at home so you’re going need to stuff to do while stuck indoors! We've compiled 6 suggestions to help make your time quarantined as fun and creative as possible.

  1. Create

Watch some movies or a series you’ve been thinking about watching then Create a Google document of them and share it among family and friends. This will also give them some other alternatives to do instead of staring at social media all day or watching the news increasing anxiety.


  1. Start a Business

Imagine being able to stay home, make your own rules and still get paid?!? It's possible!!! Here are a few possible businesses that you may be interested in just to get you started.

How to Start an Online Boutique

How to Self Publish a Coloring Book

How to Create Journals for FREE

How to Create an eBook


  1. Play a Board Game

Go ahead and dust off those Monopoly and Scrabble boards on the shelf and make it a family affair.


  1. Color in a Coloring Book

What better way to relieve stress and express your creativity than to color? Go ahead and click this link and grab you some adult coloring books. Or even download a coloring app like this one.


  1. Read Some books

There’s probably no better time than this to go through the books in your house, find one or two that you’ve been meaning to read, and finally read them. If you can’t find a good one at home you can always download one like “Becoming” by Michelle Obama.


  1. Bake something new

This is a great time to get more used to making your own foods from scratch rather than relying on delivery or takeout, a fun activity that you can even do with your child. Here’s a Strawberry Shortcake Cheesecake recipe that you can try.

Comment below and let us know what you'd add to the list.

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