VIP or NAW?!?

VIP or NAW?!?

HEY LADIES! So we officially launched on Monday! How exciting right?!? But, how great would it had also been to be able to see behind the scenes moments, find out information early, get a free coloring page AND get copies of your book before everyone else? Those are the kinds of things our VIP members have access to. VIP members are those that are subscribed to our email list. They rock! We were able to release the book to them 2 days before the launch date at a discounted price. No worries though, if you're not on the list yet just go ahead and join the tribe by clicking on our home page and scrolling to the bottom to subscribe so that any upcoming surprises won't pass you by!

Whether you decide to become VIP or not we still appreciate you and wanted to let you know how much your support means! Continue to spread the word and be sure to continue to tag us @entrepreneurscolortoo in your colored pics! We LOVE seeing them!


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