Flip Through! - Black Girl Art

Flip Through! - Black Girl Art

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I purchased this coloring book. I am wondering if you have any of the pages available for download.


I’m interested in studying the effects of women in substance abuse programs and how it may help their self esteem. I also would like to see if it will work on men as well.

Robert Perry

Congratulations, this is awesome can’t wait to purchase my copy.


My goodness! Just found out about ya on Facebook. I’m so ecstatic about your business! And I am so extremely inspired by you, your story, and your products! I give God the glory for you and I will pray for your continued success. I am an entrepreneur as well and a mother and aunt to 9 year old beautiful girls. Each of us will certainly benefit from your coloring books especially. You’ve got our full support. -blessings (from Texas)

Jacquelyn Green

Awesome I love to color my favorite pasttime.Now Im really gonna enjoy it even more with these adult coloring books.THANK U!

Donna Strong

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