How to Host A Dope Coloring Party

How to Host A Dope Coloring Party

Yass sis!! Let’s get this party started! But, wait….Feeling like “what on earth is a coloring party?” or “how would I go about hosting a coloring party?” Well look no further, because I’ve got you covered!

​1. First, find the perfect reason to celebrate! Need to take a break from the kids? Time for a fresh outlook so you can pursue your dreams? Ready to take some time to de-stress, blot out negativity or get your creative juices flowing? Even if it’s to show off your new home, there's always a reason to party!

2. Create a fun theme! Decorate just like you would for a little house birthday party!! Fill your tables with an assortment of coloring implements like colored pencils, crayons, and markers of all colors!

3. Spread the word! Invites should reinforce your theme and add an exciting touch! This way, your best friends, co-workers, neighbors, family and acquaintances will be in for a night they won't forget!

​4. Drinks and snacks should be in full force! Make some cookies or cupcakes with some chips and dip. Turn on some music and plan a possible ice breaker then it's time to get those creative juices and flowing!

​5. Time to color! Ask guests to bring their copy of “24 Shades of Business”, have enough books purchased in advance for them, or simply use downloadable coloring pages.  And don’t forget to throw a coloring challenge!! Who can resist coloring the best picture using old eye shadow make up? The most creative picture wins!

​6. Mix & mingle! Have fun! Make sarcastic jokes and be the life of the party! Snap photos of the fabulous pieces of art that everyone creates! Post them on the entrepreneurscolortoo Facebook Coloring Book Page or tag us on Instagram because we love to see your creativeness!  

​7. No stressing allowed! All stress goes out the door once you walk in!


 Latoya Nicole

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Love it

Johnetta Grayer

You could follow the same steps, just improvise.
1. Reason to celebrate examples…bored? Quarantined? Need a break from the kids? Etc.
2. Pick a theme. Ex. Boss babes night in, 80s/90s vibes with throwback music playing in the background etc.
3. Invite ppl via email, by posting a flyer on your social media, or by having ppl share.
4. Have a few Ice breakers/games or giveaways.
5. If you’re an artist or have your own coloring book offer a free coloring page for download OR sign up to our email list at for a Free Coloring page Download (not to be used for resale).
6. Create a hashtag or have ppl tag your social media so that you can see everyone’s completed coloring pages.
7. Have fun!

Latoya Nicole

A coloring party would be dope! Can you provide details on how I could do this virtually???? I would love to do a virtual coloring party🌺🌺

Latrice Thomas

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