87-Year-Old Grandma discovers new hobby

87-Year-Old Grandma discovers new hobby

Some grandmas spend their time in the garden, some knit, but my 87-year-old grandma has just found a new hobby that she didn't think she'd enjoy. Earlier this year I knew I would be releasing my adult coloring book "24 Shades of Business" and when I went to visit her I tried warming her up to the idea of coloring by asking her if she liked coloring without mentioning that I was working on a coloring book. She gladly said "no, I don't like coloring!" I thought, "well, so much for that warm up!" So time passed and Mother's Day was coming around and I thought I'll get my grandma a Mother's Day gift and also add the coloring book as a collection or souvenir just to at least let her have a copy since I had created it and you know, it was her granddaughter that was the actual author. As a matter of fact I didn't even include crayons or anything just the book itself. Later on my aunt went to visit my grandma as she often does and she noticed the coloring book but she didn't see any thing for my grandma (her mom) to color with so she politely went and picked her up a nice thick box of crayola crayons to use in the book that she never even wanted. My aunt was thinking it would be perfect for her mom because she didn't get out as often as she used to and she would sometimes feel bored. So now, my grandma had a coloring book and coloring pencils that she didn't want. Soon after my mom went to visit my grandma (her mom) and called me and said "Tee! (that's my nickname), I'm walking into your grandma's house and said "ma, what you doing?" She said "COLORING, that's what i'm doing!" I cracked up because I thought it was so cute and special that the woman that didn't like coloring was relaxing on her down time and coloring. But, get this! Not only did she color one picture but she colored three! Step by step, she was adding details, and in the end, the result was very nice looking coloring pages. And just like that, she had discovered a brand new hobby! The moral of the story is that adults really do color and even seniors have style so get the coloring book as a gift for someone because even if you don't know if they like coloring chances are they'll end up picking it up one day when no one is watching and actually enjoy themselves! One of my favorite quotes is, "try something new, you may just love it!"

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