Anxiety affects all of us in one way or another however, some of us deal with stronger or more frequent battles with it. It’s as if it is hard-wired in our brains and we can’t altogether escape it. Our mind is the place where we experience the greatest conflict, most likely because our head is the motherboard of our body. It’s the leader of our body and it’s controlled by worldly emotions.  When your mind is conflicted you may even notice that you wake up tired because although you may have been asleep, your mind never rested.  But, what does God have to say and how can that help us cope with this unorthodox emotion?

I will keep you in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on me. (Isaiah 26:3)

It is not God’s will for you to lack peace. Most of the time our anxieties come from worrying about what will happen when truthfully half of the things that we think will happen, never happen. The thoughts just come to rob you of peace. When it feels like you’re walking down a dark alley without knowing what is waiting for you, here are 3 practical tools to help you manage.


Whatsoever is good, think on these things. (Philippians 4:8)

I once gave a lecture on a spiritual retreat attended by women, leaders and Pastors. During the retreat I introduced adult coloring books and by the end of the retreat I witnessed the ladies relaxing and coloring with their box of crayons during their silent times to refocus and reflect on what had been taught. I was grateful that they embraced a new healthy way to quiet their mind and meditate. Sometimes the cares of this world and the white noise of anxiety can keep us from hearing the voice of God and coloring was able to bring about a sense of mindfulness for them.



Anxiety has a voice and that voice likes to lie. Anxiety enjoys telling us that we are on our own and that no one cares or understands.  This is so far from the truth but as long as you keep your issues bottled up inside then those lying ministering thoughts will be true ‘to you’. Sharing feelings with someone such as a counselor allows you to relieve tension when you “let go” of what’s troubling you. Putting words to what you’re feeling can also give you perspective on your struggle, helping you to understand your situation more clearly and to think through any decisions. It helps you to realize that your feelings are valid and understandable. Realizing that someone cares enough to listen and to understand can be comfort for your hurt and encouragement for getting through your problem. In time you realize that you feel more peace.



Be anxious for nothing but in all things by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.  (Philippians 4:6-7)

God gave us really clear instruction on what to do with our anxiety. Tell him about it in all sincerity keeping in mind your thankfulness for the victories that you have already overcome in your life. Let him know that you don’t know what to do about this issue or how to handle it. Ask him for help. When we do that, he promised that his peace would guard our hearts and our minds. We have to admit that we are not in control of our lives and acknowledge that God is.


Latoya Nicole is a bestselling author, mental health professional and social entrepreneur. She is creating her own lane while bringing diversity to adult coloring books that are aimed to help women relieve stress. Her coloring books have been featured in O, The Oprah Magazine, Curly Nikki, Black Enterprise, Madame Noire, Official Black Wall Street and more. Being passionate about uplifting females in the community she also teaches emerging entrepreneurs how to start and market their online businesses. Find her at https://iamlatoyanicole.com .


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  • Latoya Nicole

    @Christine so glad to hear that the blog was encouraging. Sometimes we just need to refocus. ;-)

  • Christine

    Thank you so much this so timely. Been dealing with alot at work. Thanks for the reminder to keep my focus on the YAH. Blessings

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