The perfect graduation gifts for HER!

The perfect graduation gifts for HER!

Every May, college seniors prepare to say goodbye to the school life that they have come to know and hello to adulthood. It can be bittersweet but it’s also a big deal. If you know someone graduating in the class of 2019, help her adjust to the real world with a gift she'll actually appreciate. The best graduation gifts range from things that help her remember the good memories of college to keepsake items that she can one day look back on. With that in mind, I've rounded up 5 thoughtful and unique graduation gifts for her.

Here are 5 Unique Gift ideas for her-

  1. A Tassel Topper

Help her make graduation fun so that her loved ones can spot her out in a sea of other grads with this Black Queen keepsake gift.

Get the Tassel Topper on Amazon

  1. A Greeting Card

Nothing says "Happy Graduation" like a card and these Black Girl Magic greeting cards are so dope!

Get the Black & Educated Greeting Cards

  1. A Book

Your grad might just be getting over the stress from exams but no worries because this dope coloring book is just what she needs to relax. Get her the “Alma Mater” coloring book that showcases the diversity, culture and everything amazing about their college experience.

Get Alma Mater Coloring Book on Amazon

  1. A Tote Bag

You can get the sort of classic, HBCU Grads Matter Tote that adds the finishing touch to any outfit.

Check out this Tote Bag

  1. Money or a gift card

What do adults want? Money. When do they want it? Always. Now that your grad is officially in the real world, they’re going to want money. If you don’t want to give them cash, get them a gift card. Amazon is a safe option because they have everything.

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