NATIONAL COLORING DAY - Black Owned Coloring Books

NATIONAL COLORING DAY - Black Owned Coloring Books

Here’s something for the kid in all of us! September 14, 2020 is National Coloring Day!  As a stress-reducer, coloring isn’t just for kids anymore. National Coloring Day is all about setting aside some ‘me time’ to relax and color.  Get creative with paper and crayons, colored pencils or markers. Explore the world of coloring as a form of self care!

Activities that you can do on National Coloring Day


  1. Color. Grab your favorite materials and sit down with your coloring book. If you don’t have one, go online to download and print out free coloring pages at home.
  2. Have a Coloring Party. People love parties and since were still inside during quarantine why not share the joys of coloring with all your friends and some music virtually.
  3. Create Art with your team. Make a game creating and coloring a selfie and share some fun information about yourself as a team building exercise.
  4. Add Coloring Books to your office. Give your clients something to enjoy while waiting or even incorporate books into your therapy practice to use as a creative way to help clients open up.


Some benefits of Coloring


  1. Coloring is fun

As you relax and start coloring, you can enter a world of creative expression and all your daily, intrusive thoughts start to lighten up. You make all the rules so you can color inside or outside the lines.

  1. Coloring has therapeutic benefits

The activity of coloring is both creative and repetitive, allowing your mind to get absorbed in what you're doing and let some of those high-level cognitive functions take a break.  Adult coloring stems all the way back to the late great psychologist Carl Jung. Even now, many psychologists suggest this to patients as a means of relaxation, and as a calming tool. 

  1. It’s an activity you can do alone to practice self care.

Self Care doesn’t have to be limited to what others say you’re “supposed” to do. Take a few moments to add  the ‘me time’ that you need to take a break and focus on the piece that you’re creating and all the details that bring it to life. It may just be what you need to truly unlock the sense of peace and clarity that you desire.



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